About Us

Topper Industries Inc. started in 1977. Patents and assets were purchased from a 6 year old company that primarily built timber docks. Topper Industries, Inc. quickly moved into a wider selection of dock systems and then into gangways and pedestrian bridges. Today, Topper designs and builds a variety of floating structures. We can also provide engineering services through engineering firms, project management or installation of our products.

Engineering & Specifications

Topper has been in business long enough to have seen and learned many lessons well. One aspect that specifying engineers appreciate is our support and expertise early in the project process .

We can give you all the technical details you need in order to specify a job accurately and confidently.

The Topper Sales Team is part of our commitment to support you through every phase of your project from concept to completion. Our experience will help you find the right solution. You will benefit enormously from hands-on engineering support. It all starts here.

Project Management

Whether Topper Industries has a small part of a larger project or the entire project, scheduling needs to be done to assure on time delivery. Our project management team has over fifty years of experience, so with our project management software we are able to communicate all aspects of our work to the customer, engineer and architects.


TOPPER Industries is a licensed and bonded contractor and can install your project. Although TOPPER can do the contracting portion of your project, we prefer to work with local contractors for the installation portion of the project.

Contractors are our customers on many projects. Unlike many in our industry, we have never felt that we should compete with our customers.

If you need pile driving, dredging, or fixed pier work, we will be happy to help you find a contractor in your area that has experience in marine construction.

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