Accessibility has become an important issue for marinas and other public facilities in the Americans with Disabilities Act. Rules now apply to floating docks, access gangways / ramps and launch ramp facilities. Topper can assist you in sorting through the requirements pertaining to your project.

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Peohe's Coronado Island San Diego, California
Downtown San Diego! What a great backdrop for this ADA accessible, Topper aluminum gangway / fixed ramp system. The gangway is the only moving part and is hinged on shore and lands on a platform on the floating dock. From there a fixed ramp leads to a second platform and on to the final ramp. In order to meet ADA the fixed platforms and ramps were designed to meet a 12:1 slope.

Floating Aluminum Walkway Quarry Lakes, Fremont, CA
Lake levels in this hot fishing spot vary considerably throughout the year. Pictured in the photo is a series of floating aluminum walkways 30’ long with floating platforms in between. The pilings that support the platforms and walkways have pile stops attached to ensure that each succeeding platform will stop no lower than 30” from the previous platform height. Since the walkways are 30’ long we were able to maintain a slope of no more than 12:1 for accessibility.

80’ Topper Aluminum Gangway Emeryville, California
Since the new ADA requirements that became effective in 2002 there has been an increase in the number of new 80’ gangways to comply. The Topper truss design makes these 80’ aluminum structures “solid as a rock”. Included are mid rails with less than 4” openings, internal handrails, handrail returns and transition plates at the top and bottom to ensure gap free access to the dock.

Not only is accessibility required under Federal, State and local laws, it also makes good business sense by opening your dock to a wider market. This gangway / ramp system in San Francisco allows access to the dock through all tidal elevations. This is accomplished by use of an 80’ gangway that lands on a fixed platform on the dock. There is a fixed ramp that brings you down to the dock. Handrail, handrail returns and transition plates are also important features.

Shelter Island: San Diego, California
This ADA accessible aluminum gangway system consists of a 60’ gangway, three fixed landings and three 30’ fixed ramps. The fixed landings and ramps are attached to the deck of the dock and the slope is 12:1. Switchbacks, such as this, are used to meet 12:1 slopes in locations where space is limited.

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