Topper aluminum truss design bridges can support pedestrian, equestrian and light vehicle traffic. Topper bridges can be designed to blend in with the surrounding landscape by painting the aluminum and adding wood mid rails, handrail, top cap and decking. It is not unusual for the bridges to be delivered without the deck so that they can be flown into remote areas for installation with a helicopter.

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Trail Bridge: Tahkenitch, Oregon
This bridge for the U.S. Forest Service is 90 long. The bridge is designed to blend into the forest surroundings with a wood deck, wood mid rails, handrail and top cap. The frame is aluminum and was painted Forest Service brown before attaching the wood.

Trail Bridge: Southwest Washington
This bridge was built for the Washington Department of Natural Resources. The project included two such bridges going to remote forest trail locations. The bridges are painted aluminum structures that were flown in by helicopter, without the deck attached. This was done to reduce weight and allow use of a smaller, less costly helicopter. The deck was flown to the site separately and attached.

Homer, Alaska
When not being used as a bird roost this 4 x 108 aluminum bridge is used to bring cruise ship passengers to shore from the pile dolphin. The arched top chord adds to the aesthetic of this bridge. This bridge was shipped to Seattle by truck and placed on a barge for delivery to Homer.

Ketchikan, Alaska
This horse bridge was designed and fabricated for the Federal Highway Administration. Constructed from steel with a pressure treated wood deck, mid rails and top cap. The bridge was painted to blend into the forest setting.

City of Canandaigua, New York
This is a 6 x 60 aluminum bridge designed with a 13 camber at mid span for the top and bottom chords. Vertical mid rails and a composite deck add to the pleasing appearance of this bridge. The bridge serves two functions: the first is for pedestrian traffic, the second is for snow blowing equipment to cross.

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