Topper aluminum truss design catwalks will give your employees a feeling of security as they walk from one end to the other. It is typical to include a mid rail and toe rail for OSHA safety regulations on all catwalks, and a deck material such as Grip Strut or Perf-O-Grip. It is common to link a number of catwalks in succession to reach out hundreds of feet. Give us the pile locations and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Amports: Benecia, California
The truss design for this catwalk, combined with the sure footing of the metal, skid resistant, grated deck, are two of the reasons your employees can work safely on catwalks. If you need to get from piling to piling there is no doubt that your best option is a Topper aluminum catwalk system.

Amports: Benecia, California
This project included 11, 60’ aluminum catwalks. Each catwalk has a mid rail and 4” toe rail to meet OSHA safety requirements. The deck is a metal, skid resistant grating. Each catwalk is pile supported with a transition plate over the gap created where two catwalks come together.

Amports: Benecia, California
The truss design makes these aluminum catwalks very sturdy. There are eleven 60’ catwalks positioned end to end at this facility. The catwalks are pile supported and used by maintenance personnel.

Vallejo, California
Catwalks for this projects are comprised of eight 60’ sections. There are single mid and toe rails on each catwalk section. A 12” outboard utility shelf is included in the design. The deck is galvanized steel Grip-Strut that has been isolated from the aluminum frame.

Shore Terminal: Vallejo, California
Topper Industries designed this catwalk system to attach to pile caps provided by the contractor. One end of each catwalk section is fixed, while the other end has slide pads to allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature variations.

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