Custom Applications

Custom floating systems are a fascinating aspect of our business.

We handle unique environments

Topper has designed floats for work barges, work platforms, recreational floats, sewage pumpout stations and passenger loading systems for ships that maintain the 12:1 slope required under ADA, and other requirements.

It is becoming more difficult to find a company to respond to a non-standard design. At Topper, we welcome the opportunity and accept the challenge.

We handle unique requirements

The size, shape, and ruggedness of the Topper Float lends itself to adaptability of design. The cost of a custom floating system is suprisingly low.

If your plans call for a non-standard size, shape or design, Topper can solve your problem and save you money at the same time.

We deliver on-time, on-budget, and on-spec

On time responses, on time delivery and on time installation, three very important reasons to consider Topper for your next application.

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Sailing Scow Playground Equipment, Mountain View, CA
If you stand in the right place at this park this replica of an 18th century sailing scow looks like itís floating on the San Francisco Bay. In reality itís in the sand and is a favorite spot for children of all ages. The scow is designed as a playground structure.

Floating Cars, Trucks and Vans
During high profile sporting events, such as the LPGA Skins golf tournament, advertisers are continually seeking to present their products in a way that gets noticed. Topper has been instrumental in floating cars, trucks and vans to increase advertiserís visibility. By designing and floating a dock just under the surface of the water the vehicles appear to be floating.

Floating Piano
When the Mt. Hood Jazz Festival, an annual event in Gresham, Oregon, needed some special effects for new marketing materials they turned to Topper Industries. The concept, if possible, was to photograph a grand piano floating on a high mountain lake with Mt. Hood in the background. Topper designed a floating dock that floats just below the surface of the water and gives the appearance that the piano is indeed floating.

Algae Harvesting Barge, Klamath Lake, Oregon
This harvesting barge was designed and manufactured by Topper Industries. The conveyor trays tilt to the water, skimming the surface for algae. The algae is collected, dried and sold for use in a number of products, primarily vitamins. The barge is covered for use in all weather conditions. The trays operate on hydraulics and the barge has two engines for propulsion.

Handicapped Railing, Yuma, Arizona
While our primary business is to manufacture floating structures and aluminum gangways we can also design, engineer, manufacture and install almost anything made of aluminum, steel or wood. The handicapped railing shown here was included on an ADA accessible fishing dock to ensure that everyone feels safe, comfortable and has an equal opportunity to catch fish.

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