Fishing Docks

The fishing public loves our docks because they are engineered for people who love to fish and this earns the dock operatorsí approval.

Stability and Safety

People need to feel that the dock is stable and safe. We provide a sturdy railing system, a non-slip tread surface, and hardware that can withstand the roughest conditions.

Topper Fishing Docks provide the rugged strength and durability that ensures a long life and low maintenance cost.

Our fishing dock railing system is specifically engineered to handle the lateral thrust, fishermen exert when casting and leaning on the railing.

Easily Installed

Our docks are easy to install and are suitable for piling, pole or deadweight anchorage. They feature a full five foot width for wheel-chair accessibility. The railing systems are available in wood, galvanized steel or aluminum.

As with all of our products, Topper Fishing Docks can be engineered to your unique requirements.

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This fishing pier, fabricated from aluminum, was prefabricated in our shop and shipped to the site. The contractor drove the piling, then had easy work to install the sections. Topper can provide great looking fishing docks, that can be installed quickly and efficiently by a local contractor.

Topper fishing docks have provided enjoyment to fish anglers for many years. These docks will get you off the shore and out to where the fish reside. We can meet your ADA requirements with guardrails that allow kids, the elderly and those who are in wheelchairs to fish on a comfortable, safe platform.

Steamboat Landing: Washougal, Washington
This intensely used public fishing dock is a very stable platform. The Topper Type I floats allow energy from wave, wind and wake to pass underneath the dock reducing motion. The dock is in an exposed area and has been in operation for more than fifteen years. This dock is located at the western end of the Columbia River Gorge where wind and waves make for great wind surfing.

Martinez Lake: Yuma, Arizona
This handicapped accessible floating fishing dock has a unique guardrail system around the perimeter that makes fishing safe and easy for those in wheelchairs. The design incorporates vertical mid rails, bottom kick-out railing and an angled top cap to rest your arms or fishing rod. This railing was truly designed with those in wheelchairs in mind. Now, letís go fishing!

ADA Floating Fishing Dock: Brentwood, California
The gangway, floating walkway and fishing docks on this project are all manufactured with aluminum parts. The fishing dock has an aluminum guardrail around the perimeter for safety. Aluminum benches were provided for seating while fishing for that really BIG one.

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