Floatplane Docks

TOPPER can design and build modular dock systems for a single plane or your fleet.

They feature low profile for easy to the airplane access while loading or debarking, no restriction for wings and flexibility of layout to facilitate landing and take off.

Call Topper for your next floating airport or your cabin access in the wilds.

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Seaborne Aviation: Caribbean
This dock was designed with a pressure treated wood frame and pressure treated wood deck. The floats are Topper Type I tire floats. The dock is held in place using galvanized steel stiff arms attached to the seawall. The aluminum gangway was also manufactured by Topper and allows safe, easy access to the plane for both passengers and crew. Bull rail provides an extra measure of safety.

Seaborne Aviation: Caribbean
This seaplane float provides a stable platform for loading and unloading passengers at this Caribbean destination. It is important that seaplane float design accommodates the plane’s wings. The freeboard between the float and the seaplane must allow for easy loading / unloading of passengers in a safe, yet efficient manner.

Seaplane Float
This seaplane float is anchored without the use of piling that could interfere with the wings of the aircraft. Stiff arms are used to hold this dock in place. An aluminum access ramp allows passengers to safely cross the gap created by the stiff arms. Bull rails were attached around the dock perimeter except at the point of embarkation / debarkation for added passenger safety.

Seaborne Airlines: California
Topper Industries can design, engineer and manufacture the floating dock that will make your passengers feel safe and secure as they load and unload from your seaplanes. This floating dock was designed to ship by container for assembly on site. It has a pressure treated wood frame, wood deck and Topper Type I floats.

Floatplane Dock: Alaska
This dock was designed to allow the floatplane pilot to drive the plane up onto the dock for easier loading and unloading of passengers and cargo. Flotation is adjusted so that the leading edge of the ramp float is just below the surface of the water allowing the plane access. These docks are designed with a wide, stable dock between the ramp floats on both sides.

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