Topper Industries manufactures a broad range of aluminum gangways. We typically use a truss design that is very strong in order to give you the feeling of safety and comfort you demand. The truss can take on a variety of different looks but, you will always have a great experience on a Topper gangway. They can be painted or mill finish and the deck can be selected from a wide array of choices. Commercial and residential gangways are available in loadings up to 100 PSF and will meet UBC,IBC, OSHA or local standards as required.

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Douglas Harbor: Juneau, Alaska
This covered aluminum gangway is 6’ wide and 80’ long. The deck is fiberglass and requires minimal maintenance. The cover is a fabric canvas material attached using the tie downs.

South Beach Harbor: San Francisco, California
This gangway / ramp system, with two others in the harbor, provide ADA accessibility to the docks. The gangway is 80’ long and lands on a fixed platform attached to the dock. From there a 66’ fixed ramp with a mid span level landing provides easy, comfortable access.

Richland, Washington
This “eye pleasing” gangway was designed to accommodate a dinner cruise boat on the Columbia River. The arched top rail, green powder coat and white pipe wave make this one unique. The approach bridge is 15’ long and the gangway is 75’.

Jack London Aquatic Center: Oakland, California
This facility provides a 24’ wide x 128’ long, very stable, low freeboard floating platform for use by local crewing clubs. There is a 10’ wide x 50’ long Topper aluminum gangway used for accessing the dock. The wide gangway was provided to allow users to carry their boats on and off the platform.

Columbia River: Vancouver, WA
This fixed ramp gangway system shows that long spans are possible. Due to fish conservation regulations, this dock had to be placed in deep water. This system is comprised of three 70’ spans and one 24’ span. Home owners in this excusive development know when it comes to quality products you can count on Topper.

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