Security Gates

Topper security gates can be designed to be simple and utilitarian or complex and architecturally exotic. The gates are typically designed with an expanded metal mesh or vertical pickets. Many gates have the security gate door extended with wing panels to enhance security. We include the door closer and Stainless Steel hinges. We can also make accommodation for your door latches, electronics and electrical requirements.

To assure a complimentary visual appearance to your facility, Topper can also provide associated railing and security fencing.

Security Gate Accessories:

We can provide electronic security hardware, video systems, intercom systems, telephone entry systems, locks, magnetic locks, and covert cameras.


We serve marine applications, apartments, mini-storage facilities, gated communities, private homes and ranches.

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Security Gate: Umatilla, Oregon
This security gate controls access to the covered moorage in the background. Each slip user is issued a cardkey for access that can be monitored from a remote location. The gate frame is aluminum and consists of the door, doorframe and two wing panels that extend back along the sides of the gangway. The wings have an expanded metal mesh attached to prevent climbing around the gate.

Security Gate: San Francisco, California
This aluminum security gate uses vertical pickets to fence off a secure location. The gage consists of the door, doorframe, and wing panels. The door closer is commercial grade. The door hinges are stainless steel. This security gate is tied into a computer network to monitor who comes and goes.

Security gate San Francisco, California
This gate was designed with double doors that can be opened to provide access to vendor supplies and equipment. Typically one door is locked in place. Vertical pickets, attached to fence panels extend along the side of the pier. The header above the gate was provided to showcase the name of the facility.

Maritime Museum Portland, Oregon
There’s not another gate like this anywhere. Specifically designed for the museum with the logo in the circle at the top of the gate. The scalloped edges and vertical pickets make this double door gate very attractive and very secure. Wings extend off the seawall along the sides of the gangway to prevent people from trying to climb around the gate.

Security Gate: San Francisco, California
Galvanized steel frame with vertical pickets and clear polycarbonate panels make this location very secure. This gate bolts directly to the dock surface. This simple gate consists of the door, doorframe and two wings.

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