Marine Hardware

Topper Industries manufactures / supplies a complete line of marine hardware including a marine grade aluminum ladder without equal.

Topper hardware is tough enough for the roughest conditions. We manufacture in aluminum and steel, if you don’t see something you need or you want, i.e., a 3/8” or 1/2” plate material instead of our typical 1/4” plate just tell us.

Topper corner barrel hinges are unbeatable in their performance so be sure to check them out.

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At Topper, we offer an extensive line of marine hardware for your dock needs. All steel components and fasteners are hot dipped galvanized and built to give you many years of trouble free use. Whether you need flotation, hinges, pile retainers, corner angles, cleats or bumper, you will find it here.

Round Pipe Pile Retainer
These retainers are welded steel construction and hot dipped galvanized for long life. Mounting plates are included on both ends of the pope that get bolted to the face of your dock. You can also see the UHMW wear plate attached to the face of the dock that keeps the piling from wearing on the dock frame. Typical sizes are 14" - 22".

Topper Aluminum Safety Ladder
We believe this is the best ladder available! Our ladder is manufactured using marine grade aluminum. The steps are flat, non-skid, 4.5" wide treads that are easy on bare feet. The ladder was designed to be user friendly. It angles out from the face of the dock making it easier to climb than ladders that drop straight down. The ladder includes four steps and is 42" from the deck to the bottom. Custom sizes are also available.

Topper Aluminum Gangway Deck
This aluminum deck was designed by Topper Industries for use on our gangways. The marine grade aluminum deck is skid resistant to give you confident, sure footing as you walk up or down. The deck is available in 6" planks that are dovetailed together making the planks work together.

Square Pile Retainer
Topper square pile retainers are tough and designed to last. These retainers are primarily for use with steel pile, although they work equally well for concrete or wood pilings. The retainers are welded steel construction and hot dipped galvanized to ensure maximum life. We line the inside of the retainer with UHMW plates that allow the dock to move through varying water elevations without damaging the dock or pile.

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