Houseboat Floats and Platforms

Large or specialized floats and platforms are easy to design and fabricate using Topper Floats.

Topper has developed a rubber log made of our famous Topper Floats. The individual tire floats are assembled side by side into a "log" with galvanized hardware and pressure treated timbers.

The ends of each log are capped with thick galvanized steel plates virtually sealing the foam interior from marine life, ducks, or rodents.

With a high flotation capability of 200 lbs. per linear foot, the 30-inch diameter logs provide maximum flotation, extremely low maintenance and long life at low cost.

Topper Logs have been used successfully as direct replacements for wooden logs, metal pontoons, and unsightly blocks of foam.

  • Floating pump platforms
  • Small pile drivers
  • Drilling platforms
  • Movie sets
  • Painting work barges
  • Feed barges
  • Advertising sets
  • Houseboat/Boathouse Floats
  • Temporary accommodations systems
  • Sewage pumping stations
  • Floating restrooms
  • Floating campsites

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Pueblo Reservoir: Colorado
Topper two-slip boathouse during construction. The floating platform and walkway were fabricated and pre-assembled at our facility in Washington. Then it was disassembled, loaded on to trucks and shipped to the job site for assembly in the water. The floating platform has a wood frame, wood deck and Topper Type I floats. The building is a galvanized steel frame with painted steel siding and roof.

Topper float logs can be designed as houseboat floats. The float logs can be made in a variety of sizes to provide proper flotation exactly where it is needed in order to give you a level, floating platform for the house. Give us a layout design illustrating the location of heavy items and we will design the float layout.

Los Vaqueros Reservoir: Brentwood, California
A 10’ x 80’ floating walkway leads out to this boathouse. The floating docks are wood frame / wood deck with Topper Type I floats. The building has a steel frame with painted steel siding and roof. A front roll up door is operated by remote control from the approaching boat. Solar panels on the roof provide energy that is stored in batteries to operate the roll up door.

Sheriff’s Boathouse: Martinez, Lake Yuma, Arizona
The cover was provided to protect the boats from the searing sun. The boats are enclosed inside chain link fencing. Each of the covered slips has a boatlift to store the boats out of the water. Painted safety guardrails are provided around the perimeter of the dock. The entire facility is anchored using spud poles.

Sheriff’s Boathouse: Clark County, WA
This is a single slip boathouse on the Columbia River. There is a roll up door on one end and a man door with a window on the other. The dock is constructed using a wood frame, wood deck and Topper Type I tire floats. Electricity to operate the light and roll up door can be provided by hard wiring or solar panels. The aluminum gangway is also fabricated by Topper.

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