Launch Ramp Docks

Topper launch ramps docks can be found on boat ramps from California to Alaska: from saltwater applications with daily tidal fluctuations to freshwater lakes and rivers. Each dock can accommodate water elevation changes throughout the year. With this in mind, we can supply a facility that works. We have the knowledge to assist you with your ADA and light penetration needs. In problem areas where eel grass, salmon or other endangered species are present, we can help you with light penetrating dock systems.

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Elkhorn Launch Ramp Dock: Sacramento, California
This launch ramp dock has galvanized steel with an aluminum deck. The rub rail around the perimeter is yellow UHMW that certainly lets you know where the dock is located in relation to your boat. The tub floats are protected from grounding with the use of galvanized steel legs that rest on the concrete at low water. This dock was built using the customer’s design.

Speelyai Launch Ramp: Cougar, Washington
These floating docks were manufactured for PacifiCorp and installed on Yale Lake. The frame is pressure treated wood with 2” x 6” ChoiceDek composite decking on the sides and a roughened plexiglass light panel. The light panel allows light to penetrate under the dock and minimizes any shading. The floats are only on the outside edge leaving the center open for maximum light penetration.

Launch Ramp Dock: Richland, Washington
This Columbia River dock has a pressure treated wood frame with a combination of deck surfaces. The outside deck is ChoiceDek composite while the center strip is Perf-O-Grip. The center strip is ventilated and allows light penetration. The additional light under the dock helps to protect salmon.

Launch Ramp Dock: Yale Lake, Cougar, Washington
This launch ramp dock sits on the ground every winter and floats each spring and summer as the water elevation rises. The dock has a pressure treated wood frame with a grated vinyl deck that allows light to penetrate under the dock, to keep predator fish from eating all the salmon. The use of a bull rail lets boaters tie up anywhere along the dock.

Launch Ramp Dock: Ridgefield, Washington
This dock was built using a parallam wood frame with a deck composed of 2” x 6” ChoiceDek composite and bar grate. The bar grate allows light to penetrate under the dock so that predator fish cannot hide from salmon. The addition of a 4” x 4” tie up or “bull rail” allows boats to tie up anywhere along the length of the dock.

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