Marinas and Floating Structures

Topper marinas and commercial docks have been floating successfully for more than thirty (30) years. We provide a full range of services including design, engineering, fabrication, delivery, and installation.

Topper Industries offers a variety of types and styles of residential docks. Each dock is custom designed to your exact specifications. We offer single and double bay sizing as well as custom sizes.

Topper Industries offers custom-designed launch ramp docks that assist in guiding the boat down the launch ramp, serve as an important safety barrier during launch, and provide easy access to the boat once it is in the water.

Topper ferry landing docks are designed to take the abuse that can be caused by large ferry boats. These docks are built to handle the repeated prop wash and waves. We can meet your ADA requirements.

Topper fishing docks have provided enjoyment to anglers for many years. These docks will get you off the shore and out to where the fish reside. We can meet your ADA requirements.

Topper pump float docks can be designed to ensure that your pump operates as it should. Tell us the weight, the footprint, and what you are trying to accomplish and we'll take it from there.

The Topper floating sanitation facility is ideal for recreational boating environments where no discharge conditions exist. The floating restroom allows the boaters to pull up to the facility, tie up their boats, and use the restroom.

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