Floating Restrooms

Topper Industries has been making and selling Floating Restrooms for over 20 years. While many of our restrooms are designed to float far from shore, we can also design and build floating buildings for use in marinas. Our restrooms can have toilets as well as laundry and shower facilities.

The Topper floating sanitation facility is ideal for recreational boating environments where no discharge conditions exist. The floating restroom allows the boaters to pull up to the facility, tie up their boats, and use the restroom.

The Topper Floating Restroom is engineered for ease of use, low maintenance, and long-term durability.

Features include stainless steel flush toilets and a high-integrity holding tank that withstand severe conditions.

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Floating Restroom Being Offloaded, Otay Lake, California
Since there are no rivers that run from Washington to every lake in California, we ship the floating restrooms on flatbed trailers down I-5. Once at the site, the restrooms are either floated off the trailer or are taken off by crane and placed in the lake for final assembly and testing. Once tested and approved the restrooms are moved to their moorings.

Floating Restroom: Lake Natoma, Sacramento, California
During the peak season the floating restrooms need to be taken to shore. The frequency of pumping depends upon the amount of use. How do the restrooms get moved? They are released from the mooring and towed or pushed to shore, pumped, and pushed or towed back into place where the moorings are reconnected.

Floating Restroom Stall Interior
The interior of the restrooms has been designed to be comfortable to use and easy to clean. The grab bars and toilet are stainless steel. The toilets flush to a double hull holding tank centered under the deck. Vents keep the interior smelling fresh. The walls are skinned in FRP and the flooring is diamond-plate, making cleaning easy.

Floating restrooms are becoming a familiar sight and WELCOME rest area to many California boaters. California, through the Department of Boating & Waterways, is leading the nation once again with its commitment to have clean waters statewide. There are nearly two hundred floating restrooms operating in California lakes. Federal grant funds through the Clean Vessel Act (CVA) are available to public agencies. These grants will pay for up to 75% of the cost of these units.

Floating Restroom: Texas
This restroom, while floating, is anchored to the shore making it convenient for pumping. It has 2 stalls on each end and is used in an area that has little space on shore for a public restroom.

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