Topper Industries Products

Our docks and marinas can be constructed with Wood, Aluminum, Concrete, or Steel Framework.

Flotation can be Polystyrene Encased in Rubber, Rotationally Molded Plastic Tubs, or Exposed Polystyrene Block Foam.

A choice of decking materials is also available. These alternatives enable us to meet a broad spectrum of needs.

We are not "locked in" to one design which might either prove inadequate or over designed for a specific dock or marina application.

Topper Industries manufactures a broad range of aluminum gangways, pedestrian bridges and catwalks.

We typically build using a truss design that is very strong in order to give you the feeling of safety and comfort you demand. The truss can take on a variety of different looks but, rest assured, you will always have a great experience on a Topper gangway, bridge or catwalk. They can be painted or mill finish and the deck can be selected from a wide array of choices.

Topper Industries manufactures aluminum and steel security gates. Our gates typically consist of the door and wing panels or fencing depending upon the specific site needing protection. The hinges are stainless steel and the door closers are heavy duty to take the repeated openings / closings necessary at marinas. We can provide mounting plates for securing electronic boxes, CCTV and other security devices.

Just let us know what you would like to accomplish with your security gate.

Topper Industries manufactures a complete line of mooring buoys, marker buoys, sign buoys and navigation buoys.

Our buoys can be designed to meet your specific requirements for color and navigation lights, including light color and flash rate.

Whether marking off a swim area, navigation channel or mooring your vessel Topper has a buoy for you. We even manufacture wind sock buoys for float planes.

We design and manufacture a variety of debris booms and floating breakwaters / wave attenuators.

Debris booms are typically designed with a log format using either the topper tire log, steel pipe or HDPE pipe.

Our floating breakwaters can be designed as a heavy duty floating dock that can be used for moorage, “Goodyear” style floating tire breakwaters or Topper logs. Many factors determine the best type of breakwater for you and we know the questions to ask.

Whether you are looking for a house-boat or a boat house, Topper Industries can provide the floating platform with proper floatation. Just tell us what goes on the platform.

We can also design and install the boathouse structure. Typical boat-houses include a man door, roll up door with remote control operation, and an optional boatlift inside. Power can be provided using solar panels. Just tell us your requirements.

Topper floatplane docks are designed based upon the unique factors presented by your operational, marketing and budget requirements.

We make it easy for you to get passengers on and off the plane safely and quickly. We can build floats that can be driven on or moored against. We have built floats that use hydraulics to lift planes out of the water for maintenance.

Topper Industries manufactures / supplies a complete line of marine hardware including a marine grade aluminum ladder that is without equal. Topper hardware is tough enough for the roughest conditions.

We manufacture in aluminum and steel. If you don't see something you need or want, just ask us.

Topper corner barrel hinges are unbeatable in their performance, so be sure to check them out.

Topper Industries Recumbent Bike Rack is one of the best carriers on the market today. It is easily mounted on a car, van, SUV or truck. It is well engineered to protect your bicycles from rack induced damage during transportation and protect your vehicle, too.

Topper’s versatile recumbent bike carrier is both cost effective and durable. The rack can be adjusted to fit almost any size of recumbent or tandem bike. It will, for example, accommodate any wheelbase Tour Easy, other LWB recumbents with similar wheelbase, as well as tandem road bikes.

Did you ever have a crazy idea? Ever wonder if what you want designed and built actually could be? Run it by us and we can tell you.

We were the first to pioneer floating cars, trucks and SUV's at golf tournaments for increased visibility / marketing and the ever elusive "WOW" factor.

We've designed and built a sailing scow that doesn't float but looks like it does and pianos that shouldn't float but do. We have designed and built fish screens and stainless steel fish cleaning stations. You'll never know unless you ask.

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