Pump Float Docks

Topper Pump Float Docks are usually engineered for your unique requirements.

A typical pump float is prefabricated using a steel frame, Topper Type 1 floats, and pressure treated wood for the deck. Safety railing can be added if needed.

Our floats are available in many sizes and are specified based upon the weight of the pump, associated equipment and the footprint of the dock.

The patented Topper Float is an engineering masterpiece. Low in profile, these polystyrene filled tires are virtually indestructible; impervious to heat, cold, salt, and abrasion.

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Little Green Valley Reservoir, Quincy, CA
This pump float is prefabricated using a steel frame, Topper Type I floats and a pressure treated wood deck. The floats have been stacked and distributed to provide adequate flotation to support the weight of 6 pump floats and a deployment float that allowed the 15’ deep, 4000 lb. turbine pump to be launched in the horizontal position.

Los Vaqueros Reservoir, Brentwood, CA
This pump float is designed with a steel frame and Topper Type I floats. The floats are stacked to ensure proper flotation with an acceptable freeboard. It is anchored in place using winches with cable. Give us the weight of the pumps, pipes, etc. and the footprint, Topper can design a pump float that will float level and not flip upside down.

Topper pump float docks can be designed to ensure that your pump operates as it should. Tell us the weight, the footprint and what you are trying to accomplish and we’ll take it from there. Pump floats can be designed with guardrails to keep your employees safe.

This pump float has been designed using a steel frame and six sided, polyethylene tub floats. These floats are available in many different sizes. The sizes are calculated based upon the weight of the pump and associated equipment, as well as, the footprint on the dock. This pump float added walls for security.

As a manufacture we can design and engineer all aspects of your floating docks to support your pump requirements. The docks are pre- assembled in our yard, prior to being sent to our customers. This ensures that the docks will go together easily on site. This pump float is one component in a series of floats supporting six individual pumps.

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