Residential Docks

Topper residential docks can be as small or as large as you like. We can provide a dock that you can use for boating, fishing, swimming or just plain pondering.

Whether you need a dock for a pond, freshwater lake or saltwater, Topper can manufacture a dock that will last and require minimal maintenance. After all you want to enjoy your dock not work on it.

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Residential dock Colorado River: Parker, Arizona
Note the unique multi purpose hinge in this pressure treated wood frame, wood deck floating dock. The hinge is full width and allows the dock to adjust to different water elevations. The hinge also serves to anchor the dock to the seawall. Note the jet ski ramp and the swim / safety ladder.

Residential Floating Dock / Aluminum Gangway: Fairview, OR
3’ x 25’ Topper residential aluminum gangway lands on a 16’ x 20’ Topper floating dock. The gangway has a Tuf-Tred deck, fixed hinge on shore and wheels on the dock with a transition plate. The dock has a pressure treated wood frame, wood deck and Topper Type I tire floats. It is anchored with spud poles. The dock also has a safety swim ladder on the end.

This private dock on Horseshoe Lake comes complete with a roof and boat lift. The “hip” roof gives the dock an aesthetically pleasing appearance. The dock has a pressure treated wood frame with a composite deck. The flotation used to support this dock is the Topper Type I tire floats. The roof frame is steel with steel panels for the roof.

The dock in this photo is anchored using “spud poles”. The dock is a pressure treated wood dock with a roof structure. The roof on this dock is a canvas material designed for outdoor use that can be removed and stored in the winter. Also installed is a boat lift to keep the boat out of the water when not in use.

Private Dock, Columbia River, Portland, Oregon
This beautiful dock is very unique for a number of reasons. The dock frame is pressure treated wood, the deck is clear heart cedar and free of knots. The raised round platform is floating and was formed at our facility. Further, in order to make the dock appear to the eye as though it is the same width going out, the dock was designed with a taper in it so that the water end is wider than the shore end. All of these features began with, do you think it might be possible to…??

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