Wetland Applications

Typical Projects

  • Wetland Access Trails
  • Floating Viewing Platforms
  • Interpretive Bike Paths
  • Golf Cart and Pedestrian Bridges
  • Beach Promenades

LOW IMPACT WETLAND ACCESS. Our experience has been recognized throughout the landscape, and park and recreation industries for years. Our experience is available for your project without the cost of "reinventing the wheel". You can provide unique and attractive access while protecting the habitat.

Topper Industries can design, engineer and manufacture many different bridge systems over a variety of terrain.

We specialize in custom projects and look forward to new challenges. Our floats are designed to be handicapped accessible, making them ideal for any project that strives to meet ADA requirements.

In wetland applications, Topper incorporates the Topper Type II Floats which are made from recycled tire casings. These floats are extremely durable even in the toughest environments. All Topper wetland floats are guaranteed for fifteen years and are tough enough to endure repeated grounding while remaining almost invisible to pedestrians.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular needs. Please call and you will be connected to a representative who is familiar with the regulations in your area.

Most wetland areas are environmentally delicate. The use of recycled products, such as floats and deck, adds to an environmentally responsible project.

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Floating Trail Bridge, Albany, Oregon
Two trails are joined across a river using a gangway on each end and a floating dock in the middle. Both gangways are aluminum truss design construction. The floating dock is a pressure treated wood frame with a wood deck. Guardrails have been added to both sides of the floating dock to ensure safe passage across the river.

Floating Trail Bridge, Fenwick Lake, Kent, Washington
This floating trail bridge joins two trails across Fenwick Lake. The lake is a popular place for those with canoes and kayaks. For that reason, we constructed a bridge in the center of the floating trail to allow boaters access to both sides of the walkway. The walkway has a pressure treated wood frame, 2 x 6 pressure treated wood deck, Topper Type I tire floats and bull rail.

Wetland Walkway
This walkway rises and falls with the ever changing water elevation. Anchored in place on spud poles the walkway rises as the water collects after a rainfall. As the water recedes the docks comprising the walkway go down and can sit on the ground when water is not present. The walkway has a pressure treated wood frame and deck with Topper Type I tire floats that can ground without damage.

Floating Trail Bridge Ocean Shores, Washington
This floating walkway connects two trails across a lake. The floating trail was a senior project for a local high school. The docks were delivered in a kit form and assembled on site by local volunteers. The docks were constructed using a pressure treated wood frame, wood deck and Topper Type I tire floats. We pre-cut and pre- drilled all the lumber for this project for assembly on site.

Floating Trail Boardwalk Belfair, Washington
Federal, State and local authorities can be very particular about wetland property. It is an irony that wetlands contain a rich ecosystem of plant and animal life that may be difficult to access by researchers and the public at large. Topper floating boardwalks allow access to sensitive areas that previously could not be viewed easily. As you can see these boardwalks do not inhibit the growth of plants.

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