Belmont Veteran's Memorial Pier


The Aqualink water-taxi has started service to Belmont Pier located in Long Beach, California.  Prior to starting service they requested a number of modifications to the existing float which was constructed and installed by Topper in 2010.


Topper fabricated and added a large mooring bollard to one end of the float to securely tie off the water-taxi during rough water days.  Also added, was a bumper wheel to aid leaving the dock in rough weather.  To protect the Taxi in rough conditions a number of mooring balls were added along the side of the float.  The mooring ball attachments were bolted through the glulam frame providing a cushioned “stand off” between the vessel and the float.


The final modification was a hatch in the deck that allows access to the interior of the float for maintenance and inspection.


Topper Industries provided the additional items and sent a crew to install them on site.  Everything was installed as expected and the modifications were completed in just a couple of days.  With these modifications complete the taxi service is in operation.


Whether you are moving tens of passengers, hundreds or even thousands, Topper can provide the facilities to boost your bottom line.





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