Belmont Veteran's Memorial Pier


Topper Industries designed, engineered, fabricated, delivered and provided “on site” assembly of the floating docks, aluminum gangways, ramps and security gate for this ferry landing at the Belmont Pier in Long Beach, California.  Working in conjunction with the general contractor, Dutra Construction, the City and it’s representatives,  Topper overcame numerous challenges including:


  • Innovative design to save the City hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Freeboard – One dock is 24”, one is 64”.  That’s right 5’4” freeboard!
  • Pile attachment to existing dolphins
  • The docks are exposed to the open ocean
  • Gangways that can be lifted off the docks when not in use.
  • Shipping/Installation – the docks are 20’ x 50’ and shipped in two 10’ x 50’ sections that were assembled and decked on site.


The floating docks were designed utilizing large, pressure treated, glue laminated timbers with lots of galvanized steel to tie the frame together.  The flotation is six sided polyethylene tub floats sized to meet the freeboard requirement.  The pile retainers are stainless steel and had to mate to existing pile dolphin structures.  Topper Industries has provided numerous facilities for passenger ferry terminals under budget and on time over the past 30 years.  Ask how Topper can improve your bottom line.


Whether you are moving tens of passengers, hundreds or even thousands, Topper can provide the facilities to boost your bottom line.





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