Pine Lake Park


Topper Industries manufactured and delivered the floating docks and guardrail for this project at Pine Lake Park in Sammamish, Washington.  The dock sections were prefabricated at our yard and sent to the general contractor for easy assembly on site.  One of the primary objectives was to build a dock without using pressure treated wood, therefore the dock was designed using an aluminum frame with a non-treated cedar deck.  The fishing public used the outside of the dock to get out to where “the big ones are”, standard 42” high guardrails, as well as lower 32” high guardrails for the handicapped were provided to ensure fishing for all.  The dock is heavily used by the public for swimming and sunbathing as evidenced by the number of swimsuits in the photo.  Aluminum swim ladders were provided to make it easy to climb back on the dock.  This very successful project was designed and administered by Reid Middleton Engineers and installed by Pacific Pile and Marine.





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